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Manufacturer of denim fabrics services

Phu Hoang Gia is one of the leading textile and garment manufacturers in Vietnam. We are also the third largest apparel exporter, with major export destinations including the US, EU, Japan and South Korea. In addition, it is also a garment exporting company that accounted for 17% of exports in 2017.

High-value manufacturer

The United States, Europe, Japan and Korea are the main importers of our textile products. Historically, the United States has been the largest importer of textiles, followed by Europe, which has led to the rapid development of Vietnam’s textile and garment industry. The company’s textile and apparel export revenue has grown 3.6 times over the past decade.

EU Quality Standard production capacity

With an area of ​​1000m2 and construction area accounting for 4400m2, the total number of employees is 300 employees, total equipment is 70 machines including equipment for preparing weaving, weaving and dyeing. Our company can meet the output of 2.5 million m/year.